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Should My Heart Stop Beating [entries|friends|calendar]
The Tale of Ted Tonks and Andromeda Black

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A Note to my Readers [02 Apr 2005|12:29pm]

This entry will be deleted as soon as I've posted the next chapter.

I wanted to apologise for not posting anything in the past month or so. I realise that there really isn't a need to apologise for being busy with my schoolwork, but I do have some readers who don't read my personal journal and I therefore wished to explain. Being a student at a Univeristy, a major in English no less, I've had quite a bit on my plate. The next chapter of SMH has been started, but I've been rather ill on top of a schedule filled with term papers and short stories to write.

I thank you for your readership and your patience. A greatly appreciat both.

Thank you.
- Lyotto

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SMH Chapter 2 [05 Mar 2005|02:44pm]

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Title: Tomorrows Come Too Soon
Rating: G

Tomorrows Come Too SoonCollapse )

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SMH Chapter 1 [26 Feb 2005|09:59pm]

Title: Of Fathers, Fools and Fears
Rating: G

Of Fathers, Fools and FearsCollapse )

Should My Heart - Artwork [16 Feb 2005|04:22am]

(art inspired by the fic)

Tonks Family Art
(general art of Ted, Andromeda and Nymphadora)

Related Art
(general art of involved characters, i.e. The Black Family)

Any art recs can be e-mailed to luckilyotto[at]gmail[dot]com.

Should My Heart - Character Information [16 Feb 2005|04:11am]

Ted Tonks - Muggleborn, sorted into Ravenclaw and was made Prefect [detail]

Andromeda Black - Pureblood, sorted into Slytherin and was also made a Prefect [detail]

Ted's Family
Theodore Tonks
- father
Eleanor Tonks - mother
[Family Tree]

Andromeda's Family
Cepheus Black
- father
Cassiopeia Black - mother
[Family Tree]

Obviously the character list is a major work in progress.

Should My Heart - Chapter List [16 Feb 2005|04:07am]

Chapter 1: Of Fathers, Fools and Fears
Chapter 2: Tomorrows Come Too Soon

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